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is an international retailer of merchandise, procurement, and provider with first-rate credit and accounting proficiency. We deal with a wide scale of commodity trades across agricultural commodities, Supply and technical solutions, Metals and industrial commodities, and lastly, IT products and hardware. We have well-built partnerships with prime suppliers worldwide.

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Besides our deals with trading, we are skilled in multi-professional procurement and contributing organization, that satisfies the customers by supplying single-source procurement. We provide all types of equipment, machines, and materials for construction, infrastructure, production and manufacturing, and various other sectors.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers, and we are a professional team who are always there to ensure the needs of customization and help in purchasing on the credit terms that enhance the business cycles of our customers.

To extend more opportunities into the trading world with our expertise and potential.

To leverage the latest technologies and products that aid in fair trade.

To bring out the best of everything we offer to exceed the expectations of the clients.

Our Products

We built a link between the buyers and producers who require commodities like grains, oilseeds, and other agricultural products. We are there from the beginning to the end chain of production processes like origination, processing, stocking, marketing, and distributing with goal-oriented precision.

We majorly focus on products and trading with a niche for main commodities like Rice, sugar, cashew, palm oil, soya bean, pulses, spices, and even packed foods.

Supply & Technical

We excel in providing machines, supplementary parts, and equipment, together with power transformers, generators, and smart solutions LED street lights among others. We offer a unique assembly of our carefully fabricated products with the finest and top quality, clean accuracy,powerful resilience, and great reliability at the most rational and economical cost. Additionally, we focus on globalizing our technical and engineering services for the best future.

Metal /

We possess the best strong manufacturing acumen and in-hand experience in the contribution of ferrous, and non-ferrous metals. We have a deep connection and perception regarding Metal/industrial commodities, especially in wire mesh, galvanized pipes, flat bars, plates, cast iron, LMS in bales, aluminum mix scrap, dry battery scrap, copper wire, soft lead scrap, plate, and structural steel, and shredded steel scrap.

IT Products and

We are an exceptional team with well-built knowledge and unique realm experts in aspects of information technology products and have a hardware backup with partnered or long-term relationships with global giants. Additionally, we are specialized in hardware such as laptops, hard disk drives, chipsets, printers, cell phones, and tablets, which are necessary for the modern world in addition to educational and vocational training products.

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We bestow the best opportunities to grow and flourish in a friendly environment for all our employees. We wish to be a part of your growth by guiding you to be a better competitor in the global agricultural trade. If you are ready to join our super team, please send your resume to

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